The Sulukule Children’s Art Atelier was a project documenting the projects of a small cultural and art center. Located in Istanbul's highly contested Sulukule neighborhood, this atelier provided the area’s young generation a place for personal development and expression within art, music, and performance. After a purported failed housing project by the government run Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ), the youth at this atelier have been redefining Sulukule through hip hop culture, highly influenced by the local rap group Tahribad-ı İsyan. The center closed in August 2015. These images contain portraits of the children and teens, scenes of the neighborhood, and the art center.
Sulukule Atelier Lettering, 2015
Tahribad-ı İsyan, Istanbul, 2015
Old Sulukule Street, 2015
V.Z. with Graffiti, 2015
Pigeons, 2015
Walls of Constantinople, 2015
Old Sulukule House, 2015
Across the Atelier, 2015
V.Z.'s Dog, 2015
Photograph of Old Sulukule, 2015
Yağmur, 13, Hip Hop Dancer, 2015
Fehmi, 13, Rapper, 2015
Seyit, 9, Rapper, 2015
İsmail, 15, Rapper, 2015
Serhan, 16, Hip Hop Dancer, 2015
Gizem, 19, Hip Hop Dancer, 2015
Gizem's Tattoo, 2015
Yunus, 16, Dancer and Rapper, 2015
Seyit, 13, Dancer and Rapper, 2015
Tupac Shakur Mural, 2015
Before the Dance Lesson, 2015
Dance Lesson, 2015
Concert Rehearsal I, 2015
Concert Rehearsal II, 2015
Photographs and Notes, 2015
Rabbits, 2015
Toy, 2015
Drawing at the Atelier, 2015
Children's Story Book, 2015
Goodbyes to the Atelier, 2015
Neo-Ottoman TOKİ Housing, 2015
Dogs behind TOKİ Housing, 2015
The TOKİ Basketball Court, 2015
Sulukule Streets, 2015
Child Overlooking the Street, 2015